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pdf Additional Connections to CWMS Policy(90 kb)

pdf Application to Lay Underground Services(52 kb)

pdf Art Collection Policy(95 kb)

pdf Asset Policy(136 kb)

pdf Asset Strategy(494 kb)

pdf Australia Day Awards Policy(97 kb)

pdf Budget Policy August 2018(112 kb)

pdf CAP Complaint Handling Policy(130 kb)

pdf Caretaker Policy(133 kb)

pdf Carparking Contribution Policy(65 kb)

pdf Code of Conduct for Council Employees(40 kb)

pdf Code of Conduct for Council Members(33 kb)

pdf Code of Practice for Access to Council Meetings and Documents Policy(157 kb)

pdf Community Financial Assistance Policy(137 kb)

pdf Complaint Handling Policy(127 kb)

pdf Corporate Purchasing Card Procedures(160 kb)

pdf Council Meeting Procedures(196 kb)

pdf Council Member Appointment to External Board(100 kb)

pdf Council Member Complaint Handling Code of Conduct(119 kb)

pdf Council Member Induction and Training Policy(112 kb)

pdf Council Members' Allowances & Benefits Policy(141 kb)

pdf Council Members Casual Vacancy Policy(94 kb)

pdf Customer Service Protocol Policy(91 kb)

pdf CWMS Customer Service Charter Policy(155 kb)

pdf Debt Collection Policy(127 kb)

pdf Development Assessment Procedures Policy(109 kb)

pdf Development Plan Consent Delegations Policy(101 kb)

pdf Disposal of Land and Assets Policy(104 kb)

pdf Entranceways Policy(52 kb)

pdf European Wasp Policy(85 kb)

pdf Event Management Strategy(104 kb)

pdf Financial Hardship CWMS Policy(179 kb)

pdf Fraud and Corruption Prevention Policy(270 kb)

pdf Gifts & Benefits Register Council Members(22 kb)

pdf Heritage Restoration Fund Policy(92 kb)

pdf Informal Gatherings Policy(107 kb)

pdf Inspection of Building Work Policy Swimming Pool Amendment Policy(123 kb)

pdf Interaction of the Development Act 1993, The State Records Act 1997 and the Freedom of Information Act 1991 with the Copyright Act 1968 Policy(211 kb)

pdf Internal Financial Control Policy Dec 2015(134 kb)

pdf Internal Review of Council Decisions Policy(176 kb)

pdf Media Policy(119 kb)

pdf Nomenclature Policy(203 kb)

pdf Official Purchase Orders Policy(145 kb)

pdf Order Making Policy(196 kb)

pdf Outdoor Dining Policy(685 kb)

pdf Procurement Policy March 2017(272 kb)

pdf Prudential Management Policy(131 kb)

pdf Public Consultation Policy(269 kb)

pdf Rate Policy 2018-2019(179 kb)

pdf Rate Rebate Policy(178 kb)

pdf Rates Deferment Due to Hardship Policy(125 kb)

pdf Records Management Policy(808 kb)

pdf Request for Service Policy(138 kb)

pdf Risk Management Framework Policy(293 kb)

pdf Risk Management Policy(108 kb)

pdf Safe Environment Policy(147 kb)

pdf Scholz Park - August Scholz Travelling Trunk Policy(53 kb)

pdf Secondhand Transportable Dwellings Policy(92 kb)

pdf Shipping and or Sea Container Policy(411 kb)

pdf Template for Publication of Register(126 kb)

pdf Treasury Management Policy(251 kb)

pdf Tree Management Policy(117 kb)

pdf Unreasonable Complaintant Conduct Policy(172 kb)

pdf Volunteer Policy(105 kb)

pdf Waiving of Development Fees for Not for Profit Organisations Policy(92 kb)

pdf Welcome to Country - Acknowledgement of Country(91 kb)

pdf Whistleblower Protection Policy(153 kb)

pdf WHS RTW Policy(1734 kb)