A Year Of Positive Achievement

24th November 2020


Date: 23 November 2020


A year of positive achievement

Despite a difficult year for the community, together with the rest of the world, due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, Clare & Gilbert Valleys Mayor Wayne Thomas has praised council management and staff for their hard work in achieving a range of positive outcomes.

“This has been a challenging year for business and the community – events which have come on top of a second year of drought and which have had particular impacts on our tourism and hospitality sector,” Mr Thomas said.

Council has adopted its 2019/20 Annual Report which provides an overview of achievements and outcomes.

“The Annual Report shows how much work has been done in our region to maintain our road infrastructure, buildings, parks, gardens and playgrounds as well as all our services, including libraries,” Mr Thomas said.

“We received a second round of $1 million in Drought Communities Program funding which has benefited communities across our district and although we recorded an operating deficit, we were able to provide financial support to community infrastructure projects, rate relief to businesses and grants to sporting organisations impacted by the pandemic and continue with a range of grants and support to our hardworking communities.

“In the past financial year Council focussed on updating its Strategic Plan and, with the support of the community, developed an Open Space Strategy as well as adopting the Clare Stormwater Implementation Plan which is a significant step towards dealing with Clare’s ongoing flood risk.”

Mr Thomas said he was also pleased that Council’s Chief Executive Officer Dr Helen Macdonald had received her annual performance review as above expectations, having met all Key Performance Indicators set for the year.