Cheer for Watervale Oval’s The Vale

11th December 2019


Cheer for Watervale Oval’s ‘The Vale’

A cheer from the well attended gallery of Monday night’s Council meeting concluded a lengthy deliberation on how best to assist the Watervale community with its plans for a community hub.

All nine Councillors and Mayor Wayne Thomas were in attendance at the last formal meeting of the Clare & Gilbert Valleys Council for 2020 on Monday night, 9 December.

Earlier in the evening Councillors heard from Watervale Community Association Chairman Greg Bryksy outlining the need for a community centre on the town’s oval which would become a hub for inclusive community activity.

The cost of The Vale, which is currently shovel ready, has been put at $869,000 including contingencies.

The committee had applied for a number of grant funding opportunities with the State and Federal governments since 2017, receiving a State Government grant of $121,644 to add to $250,000 from the sale of their former town hall.

The Watervale Hall was sold because of the building’s deterioration and rising maintenance costs which were impossible for the town to sustain, and the dream of The Vale was born.

“There is a generation of young people in our town and surrounding areas that will miss out on ever having a space that brings community together and that promotes social cohesiveness, activity and wellbeing,” Mr Bryksy said.

Later in the meeting Councillors were able to consider the request from the Watervale community for funding support and after a long and considered discussion, including some time taken out of the formal meeting structure to allow more in depth review, a motion was crafted.

Council agreed to commit to providing $150,000 to the Vale Community Centre project from its 2019/20 budget in addition to $380,000 to be sourced from the new round of Drought Communities funding.

The funding commitment is subject to written confirmation from the Watervale Community Association that they will extensively use local contractors and suppliers for the project.

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