Cultural Tourism Survey

21st May 2020

Cultural Tourism Strategy Survey

The Clare & Gilbert Valleys Council is currently  developing a Cultural Tourism Strategy and we are keen to get your views via the survey link below.

Through the survey we are aiming to:

-  Get a sense of the local community’s understanding of Cultural Tourism

-  Create a database of current Cultural Tourism assets, events, places and experiences

-  Get people’s ideas for the development of Cultural Tourism activities, resources and services

-  Find out what people / businesses / groups need to improve their capacity to develop Cultural Tourism in the region

Council would very much appreciate you completing the survey by clicking on the link below - your ideas and knowledge will be very useful to us

What we are trying to achieve…

The Strategy is expected to articulate key Cultural Tourism Goals for the region and a range of key strategies including potential pilot projects and Cultural Tourism training and seed funding.  If we can bolster the region’s capacity to develop and deliver cultural activities which attract visitors it will provide long term economic benefit.