Lodging Development & Septic Applications

31st March 2020

Lodging Development & Septic Applications

We are updating you on the ever-changing and evolving circumstances surrounding COVID-19 and how Council will receive and process Development Applications.

To limit the spread of COVID-19, Council encourages all plans and documentation to be received electronically (email) at admin@cgvc.sa.gov.au.

Plans and documentation can still be lodged via hard copy however they will be quarantined for a number of days before being processed which will delay the assessment process.

A number of Council staff are now working from home so all communication will be either via email or phone and meetings will not be held outside these means.

This new system will come into effect as of today. This will include plans and documentation for planning, building and wastewater applications.

If you have any queries please contact Council at 8842 6400 or email us.