Council Delegations

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Clare & Gilbert Valleys Council Delegations


What are they and why do we need them?

The Clare & Gilbert Valleys Council has certain functions and duties which it must perform, and certain powers which it may exercise, pursuant to the Local Government Act 1999 (“the Act”) as well as a range of other Acts. In most cases the relevant Acts grant these obligations and powers directly to the Council Members.

As it is not practical or efficient for the Council as a body of Elected Members to perform the many operational activities that are required in the day-to-day administration of the Council's roles and functions, Section 44 of the Act allows the Council to formally delegate many of its powers and functions (within certain stated conditions and exemptions) to the Chief Executive Officer, who may then sub-delegate these powers and functions to other responsible staff members. The Council may also delegate its powers and functions to a Council committee or authorised person.

All delegations made by the Council can be revoked at any time and do not, except in limited circumstances, prevent Council from acting in a matter itself. In addition, a staff member to whom a delegation has been made may choose not to exercise that delegation and bring a matter before Council for direction.

The Clare & Gilbert Valleys Council Delegations Register

The Clare & Gilbert Valleys Council Delegations Register has been established to record the powers and functions that have been delegated:

  • from Council to the Chief Executive Officer, and authorised persons and committees; and
  • from Chief Executive Officer to Council officers or other authorised persons.

The Delegations Register must be reviewed by Council at least once in every financial year under Section 44(6) of the Act 1999.

Burial and Cremation Act

Community Titles Act

Development Act

Dog & Cat Management Act

Electricity Act 1996 & Electricity (Principles of Vegetation Clearance)

Electronic Conveyancing National Law (SA) Act

Environment Protection Act

Expiation of Offences Act

Fences Act

Fines Enforcement Debt Recovery Act

Fire & Emergency Services Act - FPO

Fire & Emergency Act

Food Act

Freedom of Information Act

Gas Act 1997

Heavy Vehicle National Law SA Act 2013

Housing Improvement Act

Land & Business Sale & Conveyancing Act

Liquor Licensing Act

Local Government Act 

Local Nusiance & Litter Control Act

Natural Resources Management Act

Planning Development & Infrastructure Act Instrument A 

Planning Development & Infrastructure Act 2016 Instrument B

RAP & Assessment Manager Delegations Instrument C & D with Subdelegations 1 Sept 2020

Real Property Act

Road Traffic Act - Events Delegation

Road Traffic Act & Regulations, Road Rules & Misc Provisions

Road Traffic Minister Delegation

Roads Opening & Closing Act

Safe Drinking Water Act

South Australian Public Health Act

State Records Act 1997

Strata Titles Act

Supported Residential Facilities Act

Unclaimed Goods Act 1987

Water Industry Act

Work Health and Safety Act