Changes to the Law

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Changes to the Law

Changes to the Legislation

Over the last year, South Australia’s dog and cat laws have undergone significant reform. The implications of these changes are wide-reaching, affecting owners, breeders, sellers, and local government alike.

Changes to the legislation include:

(Changes commence 1st July 2017 unless stated otherwise)

  • Council may seize or detain a dog if:
    • The owner has a Prohibition Order
    • There is a breach of Control Order
  • Increased penalties for non-compliance with the Act:
Unregistered dog (over 3 months of age)$170.00
Continuing offence for unregistered dog$170.00
Failure to notify of changes to business registration$210.00
Failure to notify council of change to owner/location/etc$210.00
Failure to microchip dog or cat$170.00
Further offence for failure to microchip dog or cat$170.00
Dogs must collar & registration disc$170.00
Failure to desex dog or cat (where required)$170.00
Further offence for failign to desex$315.00
Stray Dog/Dog Wandering at large$210.00
Dog attack or harassment$315.00
Transporting unrestrained dogs in vehicle$210.00
Dog attack on person lawfully entering premises$315.00
Dog at School/Kindergarten/Child Care/Pre-School$315.00
Dog in shop without permission from shopkeeper$315.00
Dog barking or otherwise creating a nuisance$315.00
Failure to remove faeces$315.00
Failure of Breeder to register dog before sale$315.00
Failure of Breeder to microchip dog/cat before sale$315.00
Failure of Breeder to desex dog/cat before sale$315.00
Offence to interfere with identification of dog/cat$315.00
Greyhound without muzzle of off lead$315.00

Control Orders

Contravention of Control Order$500.00
Failure to notify Council (attacks/death/missing/etc)$210.00
Failure to notify Council (transfer area)$210.00
Failure to notify new owner$210.00

Prescribed Breeds Offences

(List of Prescribed Breeds under Dog Management Tab)

Continue to be unregistered$750.00
Failure to microchip$750.00
Further offence for failure to microchip$750.00
Failure to desex$750.00
Further offence for failure to desex$750.00
Stray dog/Wandering at large$750.00
Dog attack/harassment$750.00
Attacking a person lawfully entering premises$750.00
Dog at School/Kindergarten/Child Care/Pre-School$750.00
Dog in shop without shopkeepers permission$750.00
Failure to remove faeces$750.00
Dog not muzzled/off lead/not confined to premises$750.00

Control Orders – Prescribed Breeds

Contravention of Control Order$750.00
Failure to notify Council (attacks/death/missing/etc)$750.00
Failure to notify Council (transfer area)$750.00
Failure to notify new owner$750.00

Changes to the Dog Registration Categories and Fee Setting

New RegistrationsFREE
Non-Standard Dog (General Registration)$56.00
Desexed Only$33.50
Microchipped Only$50.50
Obedience Trained Only$50.50
Standard Dog (Microchipped/Desexed$28.00
Desexed/ Trained$28.00
Trained Standard Dog (Chipped/Desexed/Trained)$22.50

Concession Registrations

Non-Standard Dog (General Registration)$28.00
Desexed Only$16.80
Microchipped Only$25.00
Obedience Trained Only$25.00
Standard Dog (Microchipped/Desexed)$14.00
Trained Standard Dog (Chipped/Desexed/Trained)$11.20

Other Rebates

Working Dog (for tending/droving of livestock only$14.30
Business Registration (cost/dog for kennels/breeders$33.70
Racing Greyhound (SAGRB)$14.30
Accredited Assistance DogFREE

Other Fees

Transfer of RegistrationFREE
Replacement Registration Disc$2.00
Late Registration Fee (applied from 1 September)$10.00
  • Mandatory Microchipping of: (commencing 1st July 2018)
    • Cats over 12 weeks of age
    • Dogs over 12 weeks of age
    • Within 28 days of change of ownership of cat or dog
  • Mandatory Desexing of: (commencing 1st July 2018)
    • New generations of cats before 6 months of age
    • New generations of dogs before 6 months of age
    • Within 28 days of change of ownership of a cat or dog
    • Unregistered dogs will be treated as a new generation & must be desexed
  • Breeders/Sellers must:
    • Be registered with the Dog & Cat Management Board.
    • comply with the Code of Practice (being developed by DEWNR)
    • include Breeder registration number in advert
    • Desexing & Microchipping has occurred prior to sale
  • Sale of Cats or Dogs must:
    • All dogs and cats that are sold must be Desexed and Microchipped before sale.
    • Include Breeder Registration Number in ad (sale of litters)
    • Be Desexed prior to the sale (regardless of age)
    • Be Microchipped prior to the sale (regardless of age)
  • Orders & Control Orders
    • Can be made by Courts for any breach of the Act (Orders).
    • Can be made by the Dog & Cat Management Board (Control Orders).
    • Can now include the requirement for the owner/dog to attend training.
    • Can be made if a dog has attacked, harassed, or chased a person, animal, or bird, or is likely to do so.