Broadacre Burning Permits

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Broadacre Burning Permits

Broadacre Burning Online Notifications

Broadacre burning permit application 

Lodge a notification to burn:

Permit holders will need to enter their full name, permit number, contact number, and properties to be burnt (or mark their paddocks on the map). Farmers that are unable to complete the notification on their own still retain the ability to contact Council for assistance (there may be an increased wait time whilst we find you properties on the map and lodge it on your behalf). It is imperative that prior to lodging your notification to burn, a permit is obtained from Council’s Fire Prevention Officers.

It is recommended you attempt the lodgement process yourself to ensure the most accurate location is marked on the map (relative to the actual paddock being burnt).

A map view of all planned burns is viewable to the general public at this address:

From 16th March 2020 until the end of the Fire Danger Season (30th April unless changed by CFS Chief Officer), notifications for broadacre permit burns can be received at the Clare Council Office.

Whilst broadacre burning cannot occur until 16th March, Schedule 9 permit applications can be received, and permits issued from 1st March 2020.

You will need to ensure you are familiar with, and can adhere to the prescribed and local conditions (as detailed in the permit application) to be eligible to receive a permit for broadacre burning.

To ensure you have a burning permit prior to your intended burn date, please allow up to 48 hours for Council to receive, assess, and issue a Schedule 9 Permit.

It is imperative that all conditions on the permit are adhered to, routine checks will occur throughout the season and those not complying with the permit may be liable for a $315 expiation, having their permit revoked, non-issue of future permits, or prosecution.

It is important to note the following:

  1. A Council Permit Officer is empowered to refuse to issue a permit or cancel the validation of a permit at anytime.
  2. Be aware that Council Fire Prevention Officers are empowered to issue Expiation Notices for the offence of not complying with Permit Conditions.
  3. The Permit is not valid on a Day of Total Fire Ban. (CFS Fire Ban Hotline 1300 362 361). Clare & Gilbert Valleys Council is in the Mid North Fire Danger District.
  4. Be aware in advance, and vigilant of any sudden changes in weather conditions that may affect the burn.
  5. The permit must be in the Permit holders possession before the fire is lit.