Managing Native Vegetation

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Managing Native Vegetation

In response to recommendations made by South Australia's Bushfire Task Force, the Native Vegetation Council, Country Fire Service (CFS), Department for Environment and Heritage and the Department of Water, Land and Biodiversity Conservation have reviewed the Native Vegetation Legislation.

New rules are now in place to better manage native vegetation, seeking to reduce the impact of bushfire.

A group of simple and user-friendly materials have been developed which clearly communicates these new rules.

Materials include:

Fact Sheets - Five individual fact sheets have been developed based on key native vegetation clearance measures and are intended for the general public.

Fact Sheet 1 - To Protect a Building

Fact Sheet 2 - To Protect a Structure

Fact Sheet 3 - Reduce Fuel Strategically

Fact Sheet 4 - To Construct a Fuel Break

Fact Sheet 5 - To Construct a Fire Access Track

Application form - The application form is an improved version of pre-existing forms. It has been simplified and colour coded in-line with the fact sheets