Waste Management

Residents may dispose of waste at the Clare Waste Transfer Station for no cost during operating hours.

It is located approx 1 km from Clare on Benny's Hill Road. Turn west at the southern roundabout on Victoria Road which leads straight to the Station.  The transfer station is no longer open on Saturdays and has extended hours on Thursday, Friday and Sunday.


Thursday                   8am to 12noon1 pm to 5 pm
Friday8am to 12noon1pm to 5 pm
Sunday8am to 12noon1pm to 5 pm

Rules & Conditions

1   All loads need to be segregated before entering the Transfer Station
2Waste to be unloaded as directed by the attendant
3Free dumping limited to household amounts (utility/small trailer/ute load/boot load)
4Free dumping requires proof of residence with Clare & Gilbert Valleys Council via card issued by Council
5Larger quantities and commercial waste are subject to fees as per the business rate table below
6Dead animals not accepted
7Scavenging is not allowed
8Owners are responsible for removing any confidential private data before disposal of E-Waste.  Once disposed of, no items are to be returned or reused


Scrap metal, electrical appliances, e-waste, paper/cardboard, timber, green waste, car/truck batteries, glass, mattresses, empty fire extinguishers, waste oil/plastic oil containers, empty gas cylinders, clean drums, household (kitchen) waste

Waste Not Accepted

Ammunition/explosives/flares, asbestos, chemicals, cooking oil, paint tins, hazardous waste liquid waste, noxious weeds, dead animals, soil, commercial loads of construction & demolition materials, tyres.

drumMUSTER Chemical Containers

Empty chemical containers can be recycled at the Clare Waste Transfer Station every Thursday and Friday during normal opening times. Up to 20 drums can be dropped off at a time, while larger amounts need to be advised in advance so an additional staff member can be on site to assist. Call Council on 8842 6400 if more than 20 drums are planned to be brought in.

Containers must be triple rinsed with lids removed. Metal containers must be punctured through the top and bottom. For more information about eligible containers and cleanliness standards, see the drumMUSTER website: http://www.drummuster.org.au/

Free "e-waste" Service for Residents

Clare & Gilbert Valleys Council residents can now safely recycle their electronic waste without charge. Approved items can be dropped off free of charge during normal opening times.

Items of e-waste which can be dropped off for recycling include unwanted computer equipment, printers, scanners, game consoles, video recorders and DVD players, whitegoods and household appliances, power tools, radios, stereo equipment, non-computer batteries and televisions. These items will be recycled and used in manufacturing new products instead of going to landfill.


Tyres are NOT accepted at the Clare Waste Transfer station. The tyre retailers in Clare will accept tyres for a fee.  The retailers are Clare Tyres, Bridgestone Tyres and Goodyear Tyres.

The Waste Transfer Station times and fees can be downloaded here

Riverton Waste Transfer Station Fees 2022-23 - NEW Dec 2022 click here

Fees Apply for Businesses ONLY 

Car Boot/ Station Wagon$10.00
Trailer, Utility, Van$$31.00
Trailer, Utility -  high sides$52.00
Tandem Trailer - small$57.00
Tandem Trailer - small, high sides$72.00
Tandem Trailer - large$72.00
Tandem Trailer - large, high sides$83.00
Small Truck < 8 Tonne$227.00
Out of hours opening fee$77.00

FOGO (Greenwaste), Refuse and Recycling Collections

The household/recycling refuse is collected on behalf of Council by Clare Valley Waste.

If you have any queries please phone 0438 884 340.

Please ensure the bin is:

·Facing the road
·Placed at least 30cm clear of all obstacles
·Not placed behind a parked car
·Not over-full, the lid must be closed
·Not damaged
·Out by 6.00am on the day of collection

Council will not empty your bin if:

·It is packed too tightly and will not empty
·It is too heavy
·It is over-full therefore lifting would cause spills on the road


Landowners (including schools and businesses) are entitled to ONE Greenwaste, ONE refuse and ONE recycling collection only per rateable property, per fortnight

Check the calendar below to determine which bin is collected on your collection day. Good Friday 7 April recycle will be collected Thursday 6 April.

2023 Kerbside Collection Calendar

Household Refuse Collection - 140 Litres - Fortnightly

TUESDAY - Clare North, Armagh
WEDNESDAY -  Clare South, Sevenhill, Mintaro, Auburn, Watervale, Penwortham
THURSDAY - Manoora, Marrabel, Rhynie, Riverton, Saddleworth, Stockport, Tarlee, Undalya, Waterloo

Household Recycling Collection - 240 Litres Black Body Bin- Fortnightly

FRIDAY - Clare, Sevenhill, Armagh
FRIDAY - Auburn, Manoora, Marrabel, Mintaro, Penwortham, Rhynie, Riverton,  Saddleworth, Stockport, Tarlee, Undalya, Waterloo, Watervale

Greenwaste Collection - 240 Litres Green Body Bin - Fortnightly

MONDAY - Clare North, Sevenhill, Mintaro, Leasingham, Penwortham
TUESDAY - Clare South, Auburn, Watervale
WEDNESDAY - Saddleworth, Riverton
THURSDAY - Manoora, Waterloo, Marrabel, Undalya, Tarlee, Stockport, Rhynie, Armagh

Please Note: Clare Valley Waste will pick up the 240 litre bins according to the body colour.  The lid colour does not  matter.

Rural Refuse Collection

Rural Refuse Collection is for residents of the Clare & Gilbert Valleys Council who do not reside within township boundaries and therefore do not pay the waste levy attached to properties rated within townships.

The fee is $4.33 per week, totaling $225.00 per year. Existing participants are invoiced prior to the commencement of each financial year. New users are able to access the service at any time of the year by paying the weekly rate as a lump sum up to 30th of June next. On payment, 3 stickers will be issued that are to be placed on 140L bin for general refuse and 240L bins for recycling and Greenwaste to alert the truck driver that the bin is part of the rural refuse collection service. Collection will only take place from any point along the designated truck route. For residents not residing along the route, the bin will need to be transported to another point where the truck currently passes. New users must purchase their own bins.