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Broadacre Burning

From 1 March until the end of Fire Danger Season 30 April (unless changed by CFS Chief Officer) Burning Permits may be issued for the purpose of General Broadacre Burning.

The commencement date may be altered at the absolute discretion of Council's Fire Prevention Officer.

Please click on the link below to view and print a Broadacre Burning Permit Application.

Fire Permit Application 2018(295 kb)


You will need to ensure you are familiar with the prescribed and local conditions below to complete your application accurately.

To ensure you have a Burning Permit when you want to burn please apply for the Burning Permit a minimum of 48 Hours before it is required by filling out the application form and faxing or presenting to the Council Office.

Please be advised that a Burning Permit may be issued to the Permit Holder for a period of more than one day and all Permits must be validated by ringing the Clare Council Office on the morning of the intended burn.

All conditions of the burning permit must be complied with & to ensure this an Authorised Officer will be attending & inspecting burn offs throughout the permit season until 30th April. Non Compliance will result in heavy fines & your permit being revoked.

Please note:

  1. A Council Permit Officer is empowered to refuse to issue a permit or cancel the validation of a permit at anytime.
  2. Be aware that Council Fire Prevention Officers are empowered to issue Expiation Notices for the offence of not complying with Permit Conditions.
  3. The Permit is not valid on a Day of Total Fire Ban. (CFS Fire Ban Hotline 1300 362 361). Clare & Gilbert Valleys Council is in the Mid North Fire Danger District.
  4. Be aware in advance, and vigilant of any sudden changes in weather conditions that may affect the burn.             
  5. The permit must be in the Permit holders possession before the fire is lit. In some circumstances Permits may be faxed.

Boyd Kench