Winners of the 2023 Photography Competition

11th July 2023

📷 Announcing the Winners of the 2023 Clare & Gilbert Valleys Photography Competition! 🏆

We are thrilled to announce the exceptional winners of the 2023 Clare & Gilbert Valleys Photography Competition! The competition showcased the incredible talent and creativity of our local photographers, and we are proud to recognise their outstanding contributions in various categories. Without further ado, let's celebrate our winners:

🌌 Photo of the Year:

  • Congratulations to Sarah Moore for her captivating photograph, "Milky Way." It truly captures the awe-inspiring beauty of our night sky.

🏆 People's Choice Award:

  • Sarah Moore takes the spotlight once again, with her photograph "Peacock," which resonated deeply with the community. Congratulations on winning the People's Choice Award!
  • Second Place: Jane Cross' "Early Morning"
  • Third Place: Sandy Horne's "Lone Tree at Sunset

🐦 Nature & Wildlife Award:

  • First Place: Melissa Modra's "Boo".
  • Second Place: Sarah Moore's "Black Shouldered Kite".

🏰 Heritage & History Award:

  • First Place: Cameron Lewcock "Flood Mitigation Scheme".
  • Second Place: Tyson Morris' "Shades of History".

👫 People & Story Award:

  • First Place: Sarah Moore's "Stargazing".
  • Second Place: Tyson Morris' "Mr. Michael Morris".

🌄 Places & Landscape Award:

  • First Place: Jane Cross' "Early Morning".
  • Second Place: Tim Davies' "Untitled".

🎉 Junior Award:

  • First Place: Makayla Noble "A Light Amongst the Gums".
  • Second Place: Scarlett Davies' "Curious".

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the winners and express our gratitude to everyone who participated in the competition. Your creativity and passion have brought our Clare & Gilbert Valleys to life through these extraordinary photographs.

Stay tuned for updates on the exhibition, where we will showcase these exceptional works of art. Let's come together as a community to appreciate and celebrate the remarkable talent within our region.

In late August, we will provide further updates about the inclusion of the winners' photos in the upcoming 2024 Clare & Gilbert Valleys Calendar. Stay tuned for more details!

Milky Way_Sarah Moore

Photo of the Year

Sarah Moore

Milky Way



People’s Choice Award

Sarah Moore


Clare Valley

Lone Tree at Sunset_Sandy Home

People’s Choice Award Third Place

Sandy Horne

Lone Tree at Sunset


Boo_Melissa Modra

Nature & Wildlife Award

First Place

Melissa Modra



Black Shouldered Kite_Sarah Moore

Nature & Wildlife Award

Second Place

Sarah Moore

Black Shouldered Kite


Flood Mitigation Scheme_Cameron Lewcock

Heritage & History Award

First Place

Cameron Lewcock

Flood Mitigation Scheme


Shades of History_Tyson Morris

History & Heritage Award

Second Place

Tyson Morris

Shades of History


Early Morning_Jane Cross

Places & Landscape Award First Place

People’s Choice Award Second Place

Jane Cross

Early Morning

Boconnoc Park

Untitled_Tim Davies

Places & Landscape Award

Second Place

Tim Davies


Clare Valley

A Light Amongst the Gums_Makayla Noble

Junior Award First Place

Makayla Noble

A Light Amongst the Gums

Spring Gully

Curious_Scarlett Davies

Junior Award Second Place

Scarlett Davies


Clare Valley