Lodging An Application

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For queries regarding lodgement of applications etc, please email development@cgvc.sa.gov.au

Development Application Form 2019-2020(2730 kb)

Information Required with an application(1049 kb)

An application must be lodged every time a person wishes to undertake development.

Development is defined in the legislation and refers to a wide range of activities associated with building work, changes in land use, advertising displays, and land and community title division. It can be a quite simple domestic structure or a complex major commercial project, but an application is necessary in either case.

The Development Act 1993 states that any activity falling under the definition of "development" requires approval from the relevant authority. In most cases the relevant authority will be the Clare & Gilbert Valleys Council.

development means -

  • building work
  • a change in the use of land
  • the division of an allotment
  • in a State heritage place - the demolition, removal, conversion, alteration or painting of, or addition to the place, or any other work that could materially affect the heritage value of the place
  • in relation to a local heritage place - the demolition, removal, conversion, alteration of, or additionn to, the place, or any other work (not including painting but including, in the case of a tree, any tree-damaging activity) that could materially affect the heritage value of the place
  • earthworks
  • an act or activity in relation to land (other than an act or activity that constitutes the continuation of an existing use of land) declared by regulation to constitute development, (including development on or under water) but does not include an act or activity that is excluded by regulation from the ambit of this definition;

The best way to find out if an approval is needed is to enquire at the Council office and seek clarification as to what may be involved.

No development can be commenced without written Development Approval

Clare & Gilbert Valleys Development Plan

Before starting any development please discuss your intentions with Council's professional staff as your time and money can be saved by knowing your obligations, responsibilities and rights in advance.  However, this "prelodgement advice" does not constitute an "Approval in Principle" or Verbal Approval".  Even the slightest change from discussing your proposal to formally lodging an application, can change the nature of the proposal.

Information on the zoning of your property can be obtained from the Development Plan - click here to link to the site http://www.sa.gov.au/topics/planning-and-property/development-plans

Application Forms

Development Application Form

How to lodge a development application:

A development application along with all relevant plans and supporting information (unless it is for a land division) can be lodged with Council either personally, by post, or by email to development@cgvc.sa.gov.au

Please remember that there are fees that maybe payable with your application, this can be done either by cash, cheque, eftpos or credit card.

Electricity Declaration Form

An application relating to development that would involve the construction of a building must be accompanied by a declaration by or on behalf of the applicant to the effect that the erection of the building would not be contrary to the regulations prescribed for the purposes of Section 86 of the Electricity Act 1996.

Septic Application Form(468 kb)

The declaration must be in a from determined by the Minister and published in the Gazette.

Construction Industry Training Board Levy & Form

SA Government Construction Industry Training Board Levy must be provided to Council so that your development application can be assessed for building approval.

Where the estimated value of building or construction work exceeds $40,000 the project owner is required to pay the Construction Industry Training Board Levy before development approval can be issued.

The levy (0.25% of building work value) is used to finance training schemes in the building industry.

Payment can be made to the Construction Industry Training Board.  A receipt of payment must be supplied with development application to Council.  To pay online go to http://www.citb.org.au/

For more information contact:

Construction Industry Training Board5 Greenhill Road, Wayville 5034
Web: http://www.citb.org.au/
Phone: 8172 9500
Fax: 8172 9501

Residential Code

Most residential development still requires development approval.  However, recent changes to the Development Regulations 2008 mean that there are less requirements for development approval or development plan consent for some minor forms of residential development.

For more information regarding Residential Code developments go to http://www.sa.gov.au/planning/rescode