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Septic Information

Waste Control Systems Information

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Are you considering one of the following?

- Purchasing a house
- Own a house and want to upgrade the waste control system
- Planning to build additions to your existing home (including new wet areas) or
- Purchasing a vacant block and/or building a new home.

The Clare & Gilbert Valleys Council region is not on a sewer system like the Adelaide metropolitan area. The townships such as Clare, Riverton and Saddleworth have a Community Wastewater Management System (CWMS) whilst the remaining properties have (or require) on site wastewater systems.

This information sheet is designed to provide general comments on wastewater disposal issues for your consideration. Please speak to Council’s Environmental Health Officer for further information, however in some instances definite opinions, consents or approvals cannot be given without first lodging the necessary application(s).

Purchasing an existing house

Ask the Real Estate Agent (or owner) if the property is connected to community wastewater management system or an independent on-site wastewater system. The agent might be able to answer some of these questions but check this fact sheet (or contact Council).

There are existing homes with wastewater systems that are failing to operate in a sanitary condition. Sometimes the remedy is simple, for example replacing missing lids, vent caps, or education on better maintenance can ensure the wastewater system will give many more years of satisfactory service.

Community Wastewater Management System (CWMS)

With CWMS the wastewater generated on each site is collected into a septic tank. The solids settle and remain in the septic tank. They need to be pumped out by a licensed liquid waste contractor on average every 4 years. The wastewater is piped off-site through the CWMS network to a treatment plant.  

If CWMS is available (or can be made available) to your block, connection will be mandatory for any new house (and/or commercial development).

To download the complete Waste Control Systems Information Sheet, click on the link below:

2020-2021 Application Fees required when submitting a Septic Application

For further enquiries contact the Environmental Services Department, Clare & Gilbert Valleys Council on 8842 6400.

Fees will change as of 1 July each year.

Caring for your Septic Tank & Effluent Disposal System:

To download a Septic Application Form click on the form below:

Application for an on-site Wastewater Works Approval(1016 kb)

Checklist for lodging a Wastewater Works Application:

Checklist for Lodging a Wastewater Works Application(329 kb)