Economy & Employment

Economy and Employment

The Clare & Gilbert Valleys is one of the premium agricultural districts within South Australia blessed with consistent and high rainfall compared to other regions. This creates a lush, agrarian landscape within the District’s rainy season.

The main industry within the region is agriculture, particularly grape and wine production, cropping and livestock. Although it is the main industry, agriculture provides less than 1 in 5 jobs within the district. Health care and social assistance, construction, manufacturing, retail trade, accommodation and food services and education and training are also strong employers providing a variety of job opportunities.

Clare is the main service centre for the Mid North. Therefore the town enjoys a higher level of employment in higher skilled professions than other regional areas.

A link to the region’s economic profile can be viewed here -

Forget the Commute!

Importantly, the region has excellent digital connectivity via the NBN which went live in 2018. This provides the opportunity to be digitally connected to your place of employment without physically being there. This digital infrastructure also provides you with a great opportunity to set up your business here.

It is very common for people to base themselves here and to meet their clients in Adelaide or interstate as needed. With less than an hour to Adelaide and Adelaide Airport, the District’s accessibility is becoming increasingly popular to a variety of workers.

If you have an interest in setting up a business within the Clare & Gilbert Valleys or would like to know more about employment opportunities, please contact Regional Development Australia Yorke and Mid North’s Clare office -