The Clare & Gilbert Valleys is within close proximity to metropolitan Adelaide and the other beautiful regions of South Australia. You are generally within 1 hour’s drive of the beach, Murray River or the Flinders Ranges which offer a wealth of active and leisure pursuits.

Many residents, particularly from the District’s southern towns and villages commute to metropolitan Adelaide for work. Depending on your job, it might be worth considering commuting a couple of days a week and working from home the rest.

Detailed below are the approximate times to destinations within metropolitan Adelaide. Connectivity continues to improve with the recent completion of the Northern Connector and improvements to South Road.


To Gawler      

To Adelaide City Centre

To Adelaide Airport


1 hr 10 mins

1 hr 45 mins

1 hr 50 mins


55 mins

1 hr 30 mins

1 hr 35 mins


50 mins

1 hr 25 mins

1 hr 30 mins


40 mins

1 hr 15 mins

1 hr  20 mins


30 mins

1 hr 5 mins

1 hr 10 mins