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Council Rates Information

Change of Address

Ratepayers should always notify in writing of any change of postal address.  An online form can be accessed here

Rates Reminder via SMS Text

If you would like to receive reminders when rates are due please email rates@cgvc.sa.gov.au with assessment number, phone number and name.


For further information regarding rates, including payment difficulties, please contact Council's Rates Officer on 8842 6400.


In accordance with the provisions of Section 181 of the Local Government Act a statutory fine of 2% must be added to rates unpaid by the due date.  Each month thereafter a further fine of the prescribed percentage must be added.  It is therefore in your interest to pay rates as soon as possible.

Recovery of Rates

Where rates are not paid by the applicable due dates, monies owing may be recovered by action in any Court of Competent Jurisdiction or by requiring the occupier to pay the rent to the Council in satisfaction of such rates, or by sale of property where the rates have been due and owing for not less than three years.

Rates Notice by Email

Did you know you can now have your rates notice sent by email instead of a printed notice via post?

Receiving your rates notice electronically will make it easier and more convenient for you to manage your accounts, save on paper and reduce waste.

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Method Used to Value Land

All land within the Council area, except for land specifically exempt (eg Crown land and Council occupied land), is rateable. Clare & Gilbert Valleys Council has decided to continue to use capital value as the basis for valuing land within the Council area. The Council considers that this method of valuing provides the fairest method of distributing the rate burden across all ratepayers.

The Council has adopted the valuations made by the SA Valuer-General as available to the Council on 30 June 2020.

Differential General Rates and Fixed Charge

In order to deliver services, the Local Government Act 1999 provides for a Council to raise revenue by applying rates. This year, pursuant to Section 153 (3) of the Local Government Act, 1999 the Council resolves not to fix a maximum increase in the general rate to be charged on the principal place of residence of a principal ratepayer. A copy of the 2020-2021 Annual Business Plan is available under "Council Documents".

Clare & Gilbert Valleys Council has adopted differential rating.  The differential general rates are based on the following land use categories:

Residential  0.50443 cents in the dollar
Commercial  0.68602 cents in the dollar
Industrial  0.68602 cents in the dollar
Primary Production  0.29761 cents in the dollar
Vacant Land  0.50443 cents in the dollar
Other  0.50443 cents in the dollar

Annual Service Charge - Community Wastewater Management Scheme

Council provides a CWMS (previously known as STEDS), to all residential and commercial properties in Clare, Riverton and Saddleworth. Everyone connected to the scheme (or in the case of a vacant lot - able to be connected), is required to pay a service charge, which is included on the rate notice. This year the Council will recover the operating and maintenance costs through a service charge of $390 for each property unit for which the service is available.

Annual Service Charge - Waste Collection Service

Council provides a Waste Collection Service to all properties within the following towns - Clare, Armagh, Riverton, Saddleworth, Mintaro, Sevenhill, Auburn, Watervale, Manoora, Rhynie, Marrabel, Stockport, Tarlee and Waterloo.  An annual service charge of $211.00 will be charged to all land to which it provides or makes available the waste collection service.  For all properties outside of the above townships that have made application and have access along the route to the  waste collection service (inclusive of recyclable collection), an annual service charge of $211.00.

Landscape Levy (previously known as Natural Resources Management (NRM) Levy)

Council collects a regional Landscape Levy on behalf of the Northern & Yorke Natural Resources Management Board. This levy consolidates a number of previous costs associated with animal and plant control, soils management, revegetation etc.

The levy funds vital Landscape projects and is calculated on the capital value on all rateable properties.

For more information about the projects your regional Landscape levy helps fund, please phone Northern & Yorke Landscape Board on the enquiry line 8841 3400 or visit their website www.landscape.sa.gov.au

Payment of Rates

Ratepayers are able to pay their Council rates in four (approximately equal) instalments in accordance with the Local Government Act 1999. The instalment dates for the 2020/21 year are:

  • 11 September 2020
  • 4 December 2020
  • 5 March 2021
  • 4 June 2021

A rates notice is issued approximately one month before each of the due dates. Rates may be paid in full at any time.

Rates may be paid:

  • By post:  Clare & Gilbert Valleys Council 4 Gleeson Street CLARE SA 5453
  • By BPAY:  internet or telephone banking, by using cheque or savings account, please   contact your bank for details
  • In person: at any Clare & Gilbert Valleys Council office during the hours of 9am to 5pm,  Monday to Friday (excluding Public Holidays)
  • By telephone by calling 8842 6400 using credit card
  • At post offices with Post Billpay (make sure the barcode is attached)

Click here to access the Electronic Rates Payments

Please note it is the ratepayers' responsibility to ensure that rate payments, including post and BPAY, reach Council by the due date.

Any ratepayer who may, or is likely to, experience difficulty with meeting the standard payment arrangements is invited to contact the Rates Officer on 8842 6400 to discuss alternative payment arrangements. Such enquiries are treated confidentially by the Council.

To download the "Rates Deferment Due to Hardship Policy" please click on the link below:

Rates Deferment Due to Hardship Policy(103 kb)

To download the "Rate Rebate Policy" please click on the link below:

Rate Rebate Policy(118 kb)

Rate Rebate Application Form(174 kb)

State Government Concessions

To check your eligibility for State Government Concessions, visit www.sa.gov.au/concessions or contact the ConcessionsSA Hotline on 1800 307 758.

Postponement of Rates - Seniors

Recent changes to the Local Government Act provide the option for State Seniors Card holders to apply to postpone, on a long-term basis, part of their Council rates. The deferred amount is subject to a monthly interest charge, with the accrued debt being payable on the disposal or sale of the property. However, the debt may be paid at any earlier time at the ratepayer's discretion. A ratepayer who holds, or is in the process of applying for a State Seniors Card may apply for postponement of a portion of the Council rates payable on property they own or are buying. This applies if it is the principal place of residence. It is also a requirement that no other person other than a spouse has an interest as owner of the property. Please telephone the Rates Department on 8842 6400 to discuss your application and lodge your application form. This will provide an opportunity for you to obtain more information about the Postponement of Rates Scheme and the conditions that will apply, and for any questions or concerns you might have.

Information Sheet


Council has adopted the most recent valuations made by the Valuer-General as provided to Council on 30 June 2020. If a ratepayer is dissatisfied with the valuation made by the Valuer-General, then the ratepayer may object to the Valuer-General in writing, within 60 days of receiving the notice of the valuation, explaining the basis for the objection, provided they have not: (a) previously received a notice of this valuation under the Local Government Act 1999, in which case the objection period is 60 days after service of the first notice from the receipt of the first notice; or (b) previously had an adoption to the valuation considered by the Valuer-General. Objections are to be forwarded to:

State Valuation Office
GPO Box 1354
Adelaide SA 5000

email:   OVGobjections@sa.gov.au

The telephone number to contact is 1300 653 346. Please note that the Council has no role in this process. It is also important to note that the lodgement of an objection does not change the due date for the payment of rates. Valuation Objection Forms can be downloaded from the link below.


Fact Sheets

There are a series of Fact Sheets available about Council rates from the Local Government Association:

How Councils set rates?   http://www.lga.sa.gov.au/site/page.aspx?u=326

What do Councils do?     http://www.lga.sa.gov.au/site/page.cfm?u=332

Section 7 Statements (Searches)

Fee per Assessment requested:

Pursuant to Section 187 of the Local Government Act 1999 prescribed in Local Government (General) Regulations 1999, Section 14 and Section 12 under the Land & Business (Sale & Conveyancing) Act 1994 a $35.75 fee is charged for the information provided.

Fee per Certificate of Title requested:

Pursuant to Schedule 3 of the Land & Business (Sale & Conveyancing) Regulations 1995 a $25.50 fee is charged for the information requested for each individual Certificate of Title.

Single Farm Enterprise Applications

If you are a farmer with two or more pieces of rateable land in the Council district, (which are not adjoining), then you may be eligible to apply to have your farm classified as a ‘single farm enterprise’.  To be eligible for this your rateable land must be used as farm land/primary production and owned or occupied by the same person

Classification as a single farm enterprise means that only one minimum rate will apply to land subject to the classification.

If a single farm enterprise application has previously been approved and no changes have been made throughout this financial year, a new application is not necessary.

Application Form