Mid North Regional Assessment Panel

The Mid North Regional Assessment Panel includes Clare & Gilbert Valleys Council, Regional Council of Goyder, Wakefield Regional Council and Northern Areas Council. Meetings are scheduled monthly on the fourth Thursday of the month at 6pm, with the venue dependent on the items up for consideration for that month (in the event that multiple Councils have items, the meeting will be held at the Clare and Gilbert Valleys Council Champers). If the agenda lacks content, the meeting will be postponed to the following month.

Details on how to connect to the Meeting webinar will be provided by email upon request.

Please note:

  1. This request must be received by Council by Noon on the day  of the meeting
  2. You must request by email to admin@cgvc.sa.gov.au to join the public meeting as an attendee
  3. Attendance via Zoom can be made available upon written request. Please note points 4 and 5 should you wish to attend via Zoom
  4. The webinar will open to the public at 6.00pm start
  5. The public access session will be ended if Council resolves to consider an item in confidence

There will be no public  access to the Council Chambers. This does not impact the ability for the public to participate by those means allowed for in the Local Government Act eg: deputations see below for further information.

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