Section 41 Committees

Section 41 Committees

Section 41 committees are smaller groups of people, determined by Council, who exist to assist Council in the operation of its assets or activities. Committee membership is made up of community members and on occasion an Elected Member representing the Council.

The roles and responsibilities of each committee are varied, however most exist to make recommendations to Council. Council then have the final say on whether the recommendations should go ahead, and in turn, as it is a "branch" of Council, they are responsible for all income and expenditure associated with the committee.

Clare & Gilbert Valleys Council has three Section 41 Committees which manage a number of public facilities / areas. The community-run committees are often looking for volunteer support and would welcome your interest. Contact details can be found in the table below.

Section 41 CommitteesClick on the picture below to view the website
Auburn Recreation Park
Clare Town Hall Committee

Riverton Recreation Ground