Swimming Pools and Spas

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Swimming Pools and Spas

Swimming pools and spas

Our Environmental Health Section inspects local public pools and spas. Public recreational water facilities, such as public pools and spas, pose potential health risks if not properly maintained.

Disease-causing organisms live and multiply in pool water that has not been properly treated and give rise to eye, ear, skin and intestinal infection. Inadequate chemical balance of pool water can also cause skin rashes and conjunctivitis.

Environmental health assessments aim to ensure that public pools and spas are maintained in accordance with the requirements of the

SA Public Health Act 2011 and Regulations

A pool is considered to be open to the public if it is:

  • Available for use by members of the public on payment of an admission or membership fee
  • Available for use by people who live in, work in, or attend the premises where the pool is situated
  • Available for use by people staying at:
    • A hotel, motel or guesthouse (eg. Bed & Breakfast)
    • A camping or caravan ground
    • Any other similar place where accommodation is provided on a temporary basis.

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