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The Planning Institute of Australia has produced facts sheets to assist people with planning enquiries and please click on the following link:

Before starting any development please discuss your intentions with Council's professional staff.

You must complete the development application form that covers all types of development proposals, including building and planning.  This application form is lodged with Council (except for land division).  The application must be accompanied by two copies of the plans, drawings, specifications and other documents and information relating to the proposed development.



Pursuant to the Development Act 1993 Section 56A Council has established its Council Assessment Panel.

Director of Development & Community - Andrew Christiansen.

The Panel comprises of:

    Stephen HainsPresiding Member
    Paul MickanIndependent Member
    Greg PulfordIndependent Member
    Ben PlowmanIndependent Member
    Malcolm BartholomaeusCouncil Member

The State Government's new Planning and Design Code

The Planning and Design Code that will replace every Council’s Development Plan is expected to come into force on 1 July 2020.  The State Government new planning reforms will change the way development applications are lodged and assessed. This new system forms the rules that will govern all future development.

In 2016 Parliament passed the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016 (PDI Act) to implement a new planning system. The PDI Act will replace the current planning system under the Development Act 1993.

The PDI Act requires the development of a new Planning and Design Code (the Code).

This new legislation introduces the biggest changes to the South Australian Planning System in 25 years and will affect how development policy is formed and amended and how development applications are lodged, assessed, approved and publicly notified in the future. It will include changes to which types of development will trigger notification to neighbouring property owners, residents and other community members, and when they have legal appeal rights.

The new planning system will also introduce a 24/7 digital ePlanning system for planning information and lodging and assessment of development applications.

Most importantly, the new Code will become the State's single planning rule book for assessing all development applications, removing the existing Council specific Development Plans. This means that Council’s current Development Plan will be revoked and current zoning will be replaced with a single state-wide planning and design code.

For More Information

For more information on the implementation of the Government’s new planning system and follow community consultation opportunities visit the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure's SA Planning Portal at

The Commission has also set up a draft Code hotline on 1800 318 102 for enquiries.

All email enquiries to the Commission can be forwarded through